Yes, it's time! For too long church board chairs have laboured without much help or many resources. Struggling valiantly chairs work diligently, but often feel overwhelmed by complexity, adversarial relationships, uncertain expectations, and the lack of a road map. Yet, you do this work because you believe in the mission of Christ's church. Recent developments in non-profit governance continue to influence how church board's understand their role, particularly within larger church settings. Whether it is the Carver "Policy Governance" model, or another paradigm, the chair's role also is being re-conceived and re-positioned within church leadership structures. In this website I seek to provide a forum for introducing, evaluating, and biblically situating such developments and also providing some resources so that you as a church board chair can find your bearings in all of these matters.

257. Spiritual Leadership — Church Board as Advisor

One of the basic premises which undergirds the ideas on this website is that a church board forms the strategic ministry leadership team in the congregation, exercising much of this leadership through wise governance. However, ministry leadership in addition includes … (read the rest)

256. Case Study #17: Faith, Dollars, Budgets and Risk Leadership

[Although the story in this case study may seem to resemble a real situation, the names, places and actual circumstances do not describe any actual church, church board, pastor or chairperson.]

At the annual general meeting of Faith church the … (read the rest)

255. Revisiting the Annual Church Board Retreat.

This weekend (January 2015) I am going to enjoy another annual church board retreat. I am not leading it this time and so I will be able to interact and reflect as a participant. In my view the annual church … (read the rest)

254. Enhancing Board Orientation Processes.

The church board chairperson acts as a catalyst and instigator, bringing new ideas for improving board operations to the attention of the board members. Every idea may not be adopted, but the chair will not let the board get complacent … (read the rest)

253. Organizational Health and Governance

Research shows that organizational health arises from an agency’s capacity to “align around a clear vision, strategy and culture; to execute with excellence; and to renew the organization’s focus over time….”(http://www.mckinsey.com/insights/organization/the_hidden_value_of_organizational_health_and_how_to_capture_it; A.De Smet, B. Schaninger, M. Smith; April 2014). While … (read the rest)