Yes, it's time! For too long church board chairs have laboured without much help or many resources. Struggling valiantly chairs work diligently, but often feel overwhelmed by complexity, adversarial relationships, uncertain expectations, and the lack of a road map. Yet, you do this work because you believe in the mission of Christ's church. Recent developments in non-profit governance continue to influence how church board's understand their role, particularly within larger church settings. Whether it is the Carver "Policy Governance" model, or another paradigm, the chair's role also is being re-conceived and re-positioned within church leadership structures. In this website I seek to provide a forum for introducing, evaluating, and biblically situating such developments and also providing some resources so that you as a church board chair can find your bearings in all of these matters.

291. When is it time to change Church Board Structure and Operations?

Churches, as organizations, tend to preserve their operational processes and resist change. I think this is the case particularly for churches whose congregations number between 100 and 500. Leaders get used to the “tried and tested” patterns. If suggestions for … (read the rest)

290. Building an Engaged, Effective Church Board: Who is Responsible? # 3

In related blog articles #288 and #289 I have considered the role of a church board chair and church board members in developing an engaged, effective church board.  In addition, we must also think carefully about the role of a … (read the rest)

289. Building an Engaged, Effective Church Board — Who is Responsible? #2

Board members…what do they contribute to building an engaged, effective church board? In one respect the very possibility of a church board functioning in an engaged, effective manner depends totally upon the cooperation and motivation of individual board members. If … (read the rest)

288. Building an Engaged, Effective Church Board — Who is Responsible? #1

In this blog article I tackle a very serious question, but one that only infrequently in my experience receives focused attention on the part of board members, board chairs and lead pastors. Several factors contribute to this:

  1. Board leaders and
(read the rest)

287. Factors Contributing to Bad Board Decisions

Decisions form the primary work of church boards. Making beneficial, wise decisions is job 1. In blog article 133 I discussed the problem that “group think” can create for church boards, hindering the achievement of wise decisions. In this blog … (read the rest)