Yes, it's time! For too long church board chairs have laboured without much help or many resources. Struggling valiantly chairs work diligently, but often feel overwhelmed by complexity, adversarial relationships, uncertain expectations, and the lack of a road map. Yet, you do this work because you believe in the mission of Christ's church. Recent developments in non-profit governance continue to influence how church board's understand their role, particularly within larger church settings. Whether it is the Carver "Policy Governance" model, or another paradigm, the chair's role also is being re-conceived and re-positioned within church leadership structures. In this website I seek to provide a forum for introducing, evaluating, and biblically situating such developments and also providing some resources so that you as a church board chair can find your bearings in all of these matters.

320. Anticipating — A Necessary Bit of Board Leadership.

The transition between years provides opportunity for a board’s leadership to do some “future-gazing,” in preparation for the challenges that will come in the next twelve months. This is not so much an exercise in prophecy, but rather a common-sense … (read the rest)

319. Discerning Your Boards ‘Blind Spots’ — Engaging a Risk Assessment Process.

Everyone has blind spots — physical, cognitive, moral, relational and spiritual. Usually external voices have to point these out to us before we recognize them and become motivated to deal with them. What we do not know can in fact … (read the rest)

318. My New Book About Leading as a Church Board Chairperson.

A few years ago I developed a “Manual for Church Board Chairs.” During the past year I have edited this manual into a book entitled: The Art of Kubern─ôsis (1 Corinthians 12:28): Leading As the Church Board Chairperson. The publisher … (read the rest)

317. Board Values and Board Governance.

In their book “Reviewing Leadership” (Second edition, 2016), Bernice Ledbetter, Robert Banks and David Greenhalgh include a chapter entitled “Governance: practicing faith-based leadership.” They suggest a number of leadership qualities that non-profit board leaders should exemplify under the general category … (read the rest)

316. Reflections of a Retired Church Board Chairperson.

Three years ago I completed ten years as chairperson of our church board. I continued to serve another two years as a board member, but have now completed that term. The transition has gone well personally and I still serve … (read the rest)