Yes, it's time! For too long church board chairs have laboured without much help or many resources. Struggling valiantly chairs work diligently, but often feel overwhelmed by complexity, adversarial relationships, uncertain expectations, and the lack of a road map. Yet, you do this work because you believe in the mission of Christ's church. Recent developments in non-profit governance continue to influence how church board's understand their role, particularly within larger church settings. Whether it is the Carver "Policy Governance" model, or another paradigm, the chair's role also is being re-conceived and re-positioned within church leadership structures. In this website I seek to provide a forum for introducing, evaluating, and biblically situating such developments and also providing some resources so that you as a church board chair can find your bearings in all of these matters.

301. Who Leads — Pastor or Board?

The recent history of evangelical churches in Canada demonstrates with crystal clarity that leadership struggles often are at the root of congregational failures and declines. The question of “who’s in charge” continues to generate conflict. This uncertainty blunts the ability … (read the rest)

300. Motivating Effective Non-Profit Board Meetings

The “life” of a non-profit board exists in its official meetings. Because the time that a board has to experience this “life” is very limited (perhaps 30 to 40 hours annually), board leaders have to plan meetings that enable the … (read the rest)

299. Do Effective Church Boards Contribute Significantly to Congregational Health?

It is fairly well established in the corporate world that an effective board contributes significantly to corporate success. Research shows a similar correlation between effective boards and healthy nonprofits. So this raises the question — is there a relationship between … (read the rest)

298. Age Limits and Church Board Service

Should congregations build into their bylaws some limitations related to the number of consecutive terms that church board members can serve or some limitation regarding the age (either minimum or maximum) of board members?

  1. Limitation of Number of Consecutive Terms.
(read the rest)

297. Do Church Boards Have to Use New Testament Terms to Describe Leaders and Leadership Structures?

Leading change is always a challenge within congregational life, but particularly when it affects how leadership and governance structures get defined, named, and integrated. People become invested in traditional modes and terms, often believing that divergence indicates a deviation from … (read the rest)