Yes, it's time! For too long church board chairs have laboured without much help or many resources. Struggling valiantly chairs work diligently, but often feel overwhelmed by complexity, adversarial relationships, uncertain expectations, and the lack of a road map. Yet, you do this work because you believe in the mission of Christ's church. Recent developments in non-profit governance continue to influence how church board's understand their role, particularly within larger church settings. Whether it is the Carver "Policy Governance" model, or another paradigm, the chair's role also is being re-conceived and re-positioned within church leadership structures. In this website I seek to provide a forum for introducing, evaluating, and biblically situating such developments and also providing some resources so that you as a church board chair can find your bearings in all of these matters.

286. The “Other” Voices in Governance.

It normally does not take a church board chairperson long to figure out that the church board, even though constitutionally it has considerable authority and responsibility, does not govern in a vacuum. Other groups within the congregation expect to have … (read the rest)

285. Helping Board Members “Make Things Happen.”

In his blog article “Precepts for the Supremely Successful Board” (June 2015, http://www.guidestar.org/rxa/news/articles/2015/precepts-for-the-supremely-successful-board.aspx) J. Panas suggests that there are four kinds of trustees: those who make things happen; those who watch things happen; those to whom things happen; and those … (read the rest)

284. Getting “On-Board” — Church Board Orientation

Boardsource  recently published on their website the results of a study of nonprofit board leadership completed in collaboration with Wells Fargo (2015). There were 1472 respondents. One of the findings rather surprised me. Nearly half of board members felt their (read the rest)

283. Church Board Chairs, Church Boards and Fund-raising

Few church board chairs are comfortable when it comes to talking with their congregations or other board members about money. Yet we all know how critical this resource is to the advancement of the congregation’s mission. In smaller and mid-size … (read the rest)

282. Church Boards and Congregational Education.

When discussing church boards and education, the general tendency is to focus on the importance of church boards educating themselves about their roles and responsibilities — developing their competence and capacity to lead well. However, in this blog article I … (read the rest)